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What made you get into Drums? - Empire - 09-03-2018

How did you get into drumming and what made you to pick it other then other things. How did you learn and what did you do to get to your achievement.

If there are others that want to learn and start heading that why! then what are the very good steps on doing so.

RE: What made you get into Drums? - 45rpm - 04-11-2022

I was started guitar in middle school and took piano lessons as a small kid. Anyway, I got into drums accidently as I went into beginner band class (in high school) to play the xylophone.

O.K., I learned snare in band class, obviously, and later I picked up drumset from books with audio. Well, this was the days before YouTube. Anyway, nowadays, the free options for drummers are endless. You can even learn what I knew for free if you can find it.