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Evaluation/Interpretations of Lyrics - Boy With Stick - 12-07-2017

Basically, This is to give people views on Lyrich from songs they may or may not have heard. Prole can share what they see in certain songs and, Also whether or not that think it's good songwriting.

My first one is "Diffuse" by Hum

She lays her dead head back on my wet head, She's sleeping pretty sound. I'll wake her when we're through.

The sun browned girl keeps me awake, My heart is in the know. She rides a simple wave.

(I've heard sensors whine till the sun catches you there. I'll find you in the ocean flying) 

Over and Over and Over Again, the water leans toward me, It cleans my hands and head.

So please don't fill the hours with empty words and thoughts that fail to tell me what I've seen.

And I wait on you.

So please don't bring my gun inside, Heart is in the know. She rides a simple wave.