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Which Pickup? - Grungie - 03-02-2014

Slightly different from the thread Sam made, instead we're here to discuss which pickup(s) do you use on your guitar the most? Bridge, middle, neck, bridge and neck, or various other combinations?

My Tele has 3 pickups, and has similar switching to a strat. On that I mostly use the bridge or the middle pickup. I sometimes use the neck pickup, but I rarely use either of the in-between positions.

On my Les Paul, I mostly have both pickups on, but I have my neck volume rolled back a bit, to add some extra bass to the bridge sound.

RE: Which Pickup? - Danjo - 03-02-2014

My guitar has the 5 way strat switching, but I pretty much just use the bridge pickup for heavy metal type stuff, and the neck pickup for everything else. I'm just not a big fan of the middle pickups, but thats largely due to the fact that my guitar is cheap and doesn't have a great variety of sounds. Only one song I use a middle setting on and thats for an intentionally weird nasal sound.

RE: Which Pickup? - Grungie - 03-02-2014

Yeah, I didn't use the middle one when I had my Starcaster either. Now I use my middle Tele pickup a lot. I'm actually impressed I use the coil splitter more than I expected.

RE: Which Pickup? - wwf - 03-02-2014

I use the neck pickup mostly. But I'll occasionally use the bridge.

RE: Which Pickup? - crazysam23 - 03-03-2014

I've a neck and bridge pickup (and a dumby middle pickup, which isn't connected, because aesthetics). I mostly use the bridge pickup for riffs and stuff. Then, when I play leads, I use neck pickup with a bit of delay.

RE: Which Pickup? - JCizzle - 03-04-2014

I have a 5-option switch. For rock rhythm, I go bridge. For funk or blues, I go neck. For rock solos, I either go neck or head.

RE: Which Pickup? - Grungie - 03-04-2014

Neck or head?

RE: Which Pickup? - Danjo - 03-04-2014

What is a head pickup?

RE: Which Pickup? - crazysam23 - 03-04-2014

Joel...are you sure you didn't mean something other than head? Unless that was a vague cunnilingus joke?

RE: Which Pickup? - Danjo - 03-04-2014

I feel like there was just some freudian slip there or something. Or a blowjob happened in the middle of him typing. Actually that would still be a freudian slip.