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Comedians - Adam - 04-29-2013

In here, we talk about those people, the people that that give away their lives, money and hope just to make us laugh

lol, yeah, so if you're looking for some recommendations, or just share your favorites, in here.

I personally have 3 things that make me really love a comedian

-Dark humor, i love those things that make people go "ohhhhhh"
-Being kinda smart witty and philosophical but still keeping it comedy, without trying to be too deep and shit
-Being brutally honest, y'know, not sugar coating things too much and saying stuff as they are

My favorites are:

George Carlin, Louis CK, Jim Jefferies, Bill burr, Jimmy carr, Tim Minchin, and a few others i can't remember on the top of my head

So yeah, lets get this thread that'll totally stay go on topic started lol

*Note; any suggestion for someone who asked for a recommendation has to have a vid included, violating this rule will have no consequences whatsoever

RE: Comedians - JCizzle - 04-29-2013

I lurve Whose Line is it Anyway, and virtually everybody who's been on the show makes me crack up, especially (obviously) Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles.

Gabriel Iglesias is pretty funny too.

RE: Comedians - Grungie - 04-29-2013

Dave chappelle

RE: Comedians - BobSacamano - 04-29-2013

My favorites are Aziz Ansari, Louie and Donald Glover. Donald's pretty underrated imo, his Weirdo show probably made me laugh harder/more often than any others I've seen. The whole thing used to be on youtube but they took it down.


RE: Comedians - Danjo - 04-29-2013

Dude, Mystery Team is like a cult movie with me and my friends. I love Donald Glover.

RE: Comedians - Adam - 04-29-2013

I like Glover, but he's way too subtle imo, like, he's trying to say stuff that are 'wrong' a lot, but he's being too nice about it, idk

RE: Comedians - Danjo - 04-29-2013

All of you should watch Mystery Team (if you can find it. It used to be on Netflix but I think they took it off.) I feel like all of you would enjoy it.

RE: Comedians - WCPhils - 04-29-2013

I like C.K, Aziz Ansari, Mitch Hedberg, Jim Gaffigan



inb4 massive hate, lol

RE: Comedians - BobSacamano - 04-29-2013

Someone give me a performance (not Tosh) that might cheer me up. I feel like comedy could make me feel better. I tried to watch the Louie one I haven't seen but it was too depressing, something like Weirdo would hit the spot.

RE: Comedians - WCPhils - 04-30-2013