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Dream Theater - Adam - 04-09-2013

Since we don't have a prog section i'll put this here.

So... where to start where to start... I guess i'm gonna post songs of all their styles. All the way from crazy prog - ballads - alternative/rock - epics - heavy metal - Zappa-ish stuff


More metal-ish stuff:
This Dying Soul -
As I Am -
The Glass Prison -
Panic Attack -

A Nightmare To Remember - (fits into proggy & ballads as well)
Ministry Of Lost Souls - (also fits into proggy & ballads)
On The Backs Of Angels -
In The Name Of God -

Goodnight Kiss -
Repentance -
Through Her Eyes -
The Spirit Carries On -
Another Day -
Lifting Shadows off a Dream -
Take Away My Pain -

Rock-ish stuff:
misunderstood -
Solitary Shell -
About To Crash -
Innocence Faded -

Some cool Instrumentals:
Hell's Kitchen -
The Ytsé Jam -

The Dance Of Eternity -
Erotomania -
Stream Of Consciousness -

Zappa-ish prggy stuff:
Beyond This Life - (Instrumental section is the Zappa-ish part)
Metropolis: The Miracle And The Sleeper - (same as the above)

Long ass songs:
Octavarium -
A Change Of Seasons -

And some more random groovy stuff:
6:00 (o'clock) -
Lie -
Overture 1928 -
Strange Deja-Vù -


The songs i put are some of my personal favorites, though i like almost all their stuff.

I wanted to put some effort into this thread but i didn't have a lot of time, so maybe i'll finish it later.

RE: Dream Theater - wwf - 04-09-2013

I bought their latest album and that's the only album I own of theirs. What did you think of it?

RE: Dream Theater - Adam - 04-09-2013

I love the old stuff a bit better, they have a different vibe to them

I do love the new album as well, and another one will be coming out soon, this time Mangini (new drummer) will actually be a part of the composing

Looking forward for that

But i think if you're wanting to just get into them i suggest Scenes From A Memory, Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence, and Awake

RE: Dream Theater - crazysam23 - 04-09-2013

(04-09-2013, 02:24 AM)Adam Wrote: Scenes From A Memory, Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence, and Awake
I would also add "Train of Thought" to that list, if you like their metal side.

Btw, am I the only one who really enjoys their instrumentals? Those are amazing.

RE: Dream Theater - Adam - 04-09-2013

Of course, i'm an instrumental guy, and DT/LTE (Liquid Tension Experiment, for those who didn't know) have some of the best

RE: Dream Theater - WCPhils - 04-11-2013

I like their heavier stuff. Can't stand the singer most of the time though

RE: Dream Theater - Adam - 04-11-2013

James LaBrie's singing is like beer or eggplant, it's an obtainable taste. you don't like it first but it grows on you

RE: Dream Theater - wwf - 04-11-2013

it's more or less grown on me. he sounds pretty terrible in the live vids I've seen though

RE: Dream Theater - Adam - 04-11-2013

yeah he kinda 'squeals' and doesn't sing clearly in a lot of live vids i've seen, but his voice is pretty great at the albums imo

RE: Dream Theater - wwf - 04-11-2013

yeah definitely