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Minecraft, bitches
Author: Adam, Views: 19534, Replies: 100

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My brother has it on xBox *shrug*
Ah okay, I stand corrected. I guess it's a pretty big game. By big I mean, fucking huge. Minecraft's total land mass is larger than Earth's.
JoelCarli Wrote:Well curiosity killed the Maps.

I heard is was larger than Neptune, which I have a really hard time to believe.
Well it's only as large as you explore, because the map only generates to get larger the more you explore
I think it means the total amount explored in all the individual games combined. I.e the amount of world generated is larger than the total land mass of Earth.
JoelCarli Wrote:Well curiosity killed the Maps.

Ahhh, that makes a whole lot more sense now. Still, that's pretty impressive nonetheless.
Well you can reach the "end" of Minecraft, it just takes like 36 real days to get there by walking.
I had minecraft on my highschool laptop, haha. I had more fun mining than I did building stuff though. It was kinda cool what caves you could find and explore.
I agree, sometimes it is more fun to go caving than actually building shit. I just hate when I get killed by a mob and I have to treck all the way back to find my shit
Can you get it for a Macbook Pro?

I have 4 Gigs and RAM so that wouldn't be a problem

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