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oh no... RIP
Damn, I always loved Cherry Waves but I never realized how powerful those lyrics are til now when I followed them with the song. They're very personal and meaningful but come with such great imagery that's all tied together perfectly. Chills.

Also, that bass. Once again, RIP, Chi. You will be missed.
I wanna share this 'cuz it's awesome and more erotic than porn

There's nothing like an awesome youtube Deftones cover.
she's made a ton of videos like that one if I remember right. but she's pretty good.
I've only heard the song off that Dragon Ball Z movie, but it's a pretty good song.

This one? I think it's their biggest hit, and epic live.
i just heard that in a trailer the other day.

and i heard tempest in a trailer today.

"But this band, for the last 15 years, has taken no chances, musically."

(07-01-2013, 04:33 PM)wwf Wrote:

"But this band, for the last 15 years, has taken no chances, musically."

Reviewers can be quite silly sometimes...
I have Adrenaline and that's pretty much all I really like by them for now. Their other stuff is good (Nick Diaz is always favouriting it on Youtube so I listen to it) but it's not what I'd sit and listen to, at least not for now. Maybe in the future I'll find their other stuff good for driving or something? Who knows. I listen to that album a fair bit and it's definitely one of my favourite albums. Great for going to sleep too, especially Fireal and the hidden track (btw metal generally makes me fall asleep which is why the earlier stuff is good for it too, even if it's not as slow).

Went to Download Festival for one day about 4 years ago to see Rage Against The Machine and Deftones were on the main stage just before them.

Sucked to hear Chi Cheng had died. Expected him to wake up eventually (that reminds me gotta look up how Michael Schumacher is doing....oh dear he's contracted pneumonia while in a coma....).
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