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Played during school?
Author: JennyorAlice, Views: 112, Replies: 3

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I played the trombone when I was in school.  I played the tenor trombone from 6th grade through 9th grade and then I played the bass trombone from 10th grade through 12th grade. 

Did you play an instrument for school?  What instrument did you play?  How long did you play that instrument?
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I played tenor trombone from 6th to 9th grade. One day I'll get back to it, but it's been at least like 15 years since I've touched it.
As mentioned in another thread, I played auxiliary percussion in the marching band, junior year, and bass drum during the senior one. Anyway, I also did concert band and mostly did auxiliary. Cowbell anyone LOL?
Very early school played recorder for a couple of years.
In Highschool I started playing guitar, and played up until the last couple of years.

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