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Your Favorite Bassists
Author: Boy With Stick, Views: 455, Replies: 3

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Ned Russin from Title Fight is pretty fucking good.[Image: mg_9171.jpg]

And Matt Talbott was also really good in his Honcho Overload days.

[Image: blues-clues-funny-gif-haha-lol-236127.jpg]
Nate Mendel has some pretty sweet riffs in Sunny Day Real Estate and early Foo Fighters
Shit, Almost forgot about him. NM is way too talented for his own good.
[Image: blues-clues-funny-gif-haha-lol-236127.jpg]
Marco Hietala - Nightwish
Steve Harris - Maiden
Luke Appleton - Iced Earth
Mike Duda - WASP
Duff McKagan - Guns N Roses
Billy Morrison - ex Cult

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