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Musician stereotypes
Author: Adam, Views: 7445, Replies: 37

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(05-02-2013, 05:37 AM)Adam Wrote: Sam you got the point of this thread all wrong
I see that now. But it's 1AM. /shrug
Getting a thread topic wrong? Sam, you crazy.
JoelCarli Wrote:Well curiosity killed the Maps.

"I don't add guitar solos in my playing because they are annoying and pointless."

Translation: "I suck at playing guitar and can't write a good solo to save my life"
Oh Ian
Obscene Wrote:babe why is there an israeli sleeping under the bed?

Grungie Wrote:Great, more brown people

Apparently i like platypuses.

nigga you be trippin'

you like platypussy
Guitar solos are easy shit to write.

70s stereotype.
JoelCarli Wrote:Well curiosity killed the Maps.

Some jerky guitarists like to necrobump threads.
Some musicians are arrogant and/or show-offs. Others misjudge other musicians. I find it difficult to get along with some of them - especially on music forums - cause I'm taken the wrong way,

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