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The Legend of Zelda thread
Author: JCizzle, Views: 11123, Replies: 114

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I've gotta get to that one. Never actually played it.

I can't wait to see the Wii U Zelda.
Just emulate it, your computer has to be very very ancient if you can't run an NES emulator
No I know, but I've just started FFVI hahaha.

Plus I'll beat Oracle of Ages first I reckon.
Well then, play FFVI, I think it's a much better game than Zelda 1
lol I shall, though like I've said before, I already died at the first boss haha.
Lol, they specifically tell you not to attack when he's in the shell.
They say he absorbs lightning so I just omitted lightning attacks from my battling ;n;
Basically all you have to do is wait until he gets out of his shell to attack. I hate that they have this for 4-7 as the first boss despite the fact that this gimmick is never EVER used in the rest of the games.
Meh, I got past him now.

Also, Zelda.
Tbh I've never beaten VI, I got really far on the ps2, but restarted when I got a ps3

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