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The Kinsella Brothers
Author: Grungie, Views: 915, Replies: 3

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Tim and Mike Kinsella are two brothers who have been in a number of bands in the Chicago Indie scene, sometimes together, sometimes apart. Tim is a bit more prominent, as he's always the vocalist, and Mike is largely a drummer, but he has a few projects as the vocalist. This is basically a thread to keep them all in one place, instead of spawning several threads.

Anywho, here's the more prominent bands they've been in:

Both brothers:



There's also a few other prominent Cap'n Jazz spinoffs with other band members like Ghosts and Vodka and The Promise Ring.
Shamelessly bumping this thread, I updated the OP with some links.
Here's some stuff from Jade Tree's Bandcamp that have the full albums up for streaming:

Capn Jazz:

Joan of Arc:
A Portable Model Of

How Memory Works

Live in Chicago

The Gap

So Much Staying Alive and Loneliness

Also here's the rest of Joan of Arc's stuff from Polyvinyl's Bandcamp:
Checked out the new American Football album, it sounds like Owen, but featuring the rest of American Football. Tbh it's kind of what I expected, but still a great album nonetheless.

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