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Post your gear thread
Author: Grungie, Views: 24306, Replies: 106

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No, those are older from 2006-7. I used to own one
Ah. How bad was it? haha
I didn't like how noisy the pickups were, though it really wasn't that bad of a guitar and I do kind of miss it, but I have a real Fender Tele, so it's all in the past now.
Yeah, my pickups are noisier than I like, for high gain stuff, but for clean they're nice.
I never posted a picture of my tele with my amp.

[Image: 834D08EE-554C-4825-9D92-EFDB07FE2034-354...6e7aaf.jpg]
Not all my gear, haven't got pics of my amps. But here are my instruments

I have a few, They are all collecting some dust at the moment as I have been unable to play properly for about a year :/

Bass (Guitar's in the background are my dads):
[Image: 3d8c8aee-d023-411a-b3bd-20bf80cc6d88_zps55a70d09.jpg]

[Image: 20130428_104427_zpsf42a136e.jpg]

[Image: 20130428_104506_zps332e97f9.jpg]

The Ibanez is customised, It is now a 2 way instead of the standard 5 way switch. And has Seymour Duncan Alt 8 in the front and back pick up instead of the standard 3 EMG pickups. I had the middle one removed as it irritated me, kept catching it whilst strumming. I also don't have the trem attached anymore.

[Image: 20130428_104332_zps8989681b.jpg]

^ My first electric for my 12th or 13th birthday.

[Image: 20130428_104408_zps72160487.jpg]

^ My very first guitar, 20 years old.

I also have a black Gibson SG but I never play it, it's in the loft.
Is that red guitar a Danelectro? It looks really nice.
well you have like triple the amount of guitars i have and im jelly
I would like to learn Guitar myself. How possible.
(05-10-2013, 07:47 PM)Grungie Wrote: Is that red guitar a Danelectro? It looks really nice.

DeArmond. I don't know a lot about them, but I do know they're owned by Guild.

Also Fullmoon, you have a banjo. I am jelly.
JoelCarli Wrote:Well curiosity killed the Maps.


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