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Post your gear thread
Author: Grungie, Views: 24305, Replies: 106

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Squire strat?
Worse, guess again.

Honestly it plays really, really well though. I like it more than any other guitar I've ever played, though a lot of that I think is just because I'm used to how everything works. Its aged weirdly though, because the pickups are actually less noisy and higher output than they were when I originally bought it, which I don't think is supposed to happen.
Idk, it could be a Starcaster, but there are also a ton of cheap strat copies out there.
You got it. This guitar (specifically this one) is probably the best instrument that has or will ever be sold at Sam's Club.

Its funny because my friend bought one a couple months before I bought mine, but his is way crappier.
Did you get the one with the Strat style headstock and he got the triangle headstock? Some of the ones with the Strat headstock seemed pretty legit.
No, they're both strat style. (I think? I don't know what you mean by triangle.) His is just black and white, and mine is silverburst, which actually looks like a real guitar, haha. But seriously, it was $100, but I like it a lot better than the $500 epiphone I got later. I guess the action is kinda high, but I actually like it, because I can do some things with it that are really hard on other guitars.
This is the triangle one I'm talking about:
[Image: 5285d1259805889-fender-starcaster-fender...caster.jpg]

Here's the starcaster strat headstock:
[Image: StarcasterBM2.jpg]
(02-07-2013, 11:07 PM)Grungie Wrote: Squire strat?

(02-09-2013, 05:50 AM)Grungie Wrote: This is the triangle one I'm talking about:
[Image: 5285d1259805889-fender-starcaster-fender...caster.jpg]

Oh wow, thats ugly. No, they aren't like that. Ha, ugly is in the image name.
well they are right, it is pretty ugly
That one must have been later, I bought mine in like 2008. I actually have some recordings of it sounding a lot better than it should, but they're just random clips, so I dunno if I want to bother putting them on soundcloud or anything to link.

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