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The "FFM: The Quest for Debbie's Harem" Thread
Author: Fantasyfanman, Views: 44277, Replies: 193

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Official cover (made by Mr. Maps)
[Image: 5vC7Tdn.jpg]

This is a game Grungie is making in RPG Maker. Maps is making the cover and Joel will be composing the music.

The basic story is that Sam is an evil wizard and I will be sent on a quest to be hazed into Debbie's harem and to defeat Sam. This game will feature Sam (as the antagonist), Joel (playing the White Knight), Debbie (playing the Assassin), and other characters such as Maps and wwf (possibly playing a philosopher) that their roles are yet to be determined.

This is not a joke and is an actual work in progress. Discuss the game game here and throw out idead for the story and what not.

[Image: Coming2014.jpg]
I get the girl. Wait...d'oh!

On a serious note, I vote I raise an undead army. :twisted:

Oh, and the skull talks. Or least, my character insists that it talks. No one else can hear it, and they're not sure if it's a sign of my mind breaking down (increasingly so throughout the game, as FFM spoils my plans) or if the skull actually does talk. Hint: It's both.
Moved this to the entertainment forum. I need to brainstorm the basic plot and how to work this into an RPG.
Grungie you should be the one to send me on my quest.
Man, I'm playing the game I made for Mxtabs, and good god, how the hell did I miss some of these typos :haha:
Something along the lines of:
Sam is being a dick to Grungie's kingdom. He wants to raise an army if the dead and overrun the place.

Grungie sends FMM to stop Sam.

To do this, he must gain access to Debbie's Harem, being subjected to various tests set by servants of Debbie to do so. A duel with Debbie is the final test, after which she gives FMM a special item he needs to defeat Sam. She does this because Sam is ruining her harem. Just shows you how crazy he is.

So Sam the Fucking Mental is the final boss, after a dungeon crawl to get through to him. Once defeated, all is well again. Peace prosperity. Or is it? (gotta keep it open for a sequel to cash in with)
JoelCarli Wrote:Well curiosity killed the Maps.

Sounds simple enough, I could come up with bullshit items he has to get from dungeons. I know FFM's party members will be Phils, Wwf, and Incog. Though that makes me wonder where Maps fills in, unless we make Incog something else.
You cam have parties in RPG maker?! Shit, this is gonna be the nest thing ever.
:haha: "Sam the Fucking Mental"
(05-28-2014, 11:44 PM)FantasyFanMan Wrote: You cam have parties in RPG maker?! Shit, this is gonna be the nest thing ever.

you thought it was gonna be solo?

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