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Need help with guitar.
Author: Fantasyfanman, Views: 720, Replies: 2

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So for a couple of weeks now I am been practicing, and failing, at identifying the strum patterns of songs. No matter how many times I listen to a song I can't figure out what the strum pattern is. I can look it up then be able to play the song just fine but for songs that I can't find a strum pattern for I'm screwed.

Do you guys have any tips or is there any methods for figuring out the strum pattern or...?
Try hearing the beat. Then, try to match the strum pattern to the beat.

So, if the beat is in 4/4 at 100bpm, then start tapping your foot or whatever. Next, play your guitar and try to match the beat. Finally, make sure your strum pattern isn't too fast or slow compared to what the song sounds like.
Basically, what Sam says. Identify the beat, then strum just on the beat til you have it. Then once you've got that, add in extra strums between beats, experimenting to see if they match the sing. Start with something simple. Also remember that you don't have to stay strictly to the strumming pattern, you can always do your own things if that's easier, plus it's fun and personal that way. So long as it's in time, it should be okay.
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