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Community Thread
Author: Grungie, Views: 835847, Replies: 9960

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Alright, let's start the community chat thread. Let's see how many pages this can go before we reach the limit (if there is one)
ye brotha
I know on Mxtabs, we made a new chat thread when it reached 1000 pages.

I wonder how long it'll take for us.
1000 / 4 people = 250 posts.

Let's do this.
Alright, our goal is to figure out the post limit here if there is one.

I hope not, it's annoying on old MTB that our top 10 post popular threads were the same 2 that the software just cut off and restarted.
Yeah I remember it would do that on Andrea's forum.
She did have the same host as I did.
That's my point lel
Poor Andrea, she's busy and won't post here.

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