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I'm a 'newb' and I need recs.
Author: Grungie, Views: 10630, Replies: 56

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(02-18-2013, 10:34 PM)Grungie Wrote: Pick a color
Yellow or Orange
^Better make that a yellow or Orange that is actually possible to read, not some bright ass yellow thats practically white.

How do you guys know so many bands anyway? There are definitely not that many that I know enough music from that I can say for sure what their best album is.

I'd like to add these two, I dunno where you should put them
All The Lost Souls - James Blunt (Vocal Pop)
Mr. A-Z - Jason Mraz (Vocal Pop)
^Pure genius that.
Nah, I don't know anything about bands who's names I can't pronounce. (That isn't like a stance I take, it just happens to be a fact.)
(02-20-2014, 10:10 PM)Mr Maps Wrote: folky-doodles... ya sinister glogmojens?
You cotton-moist brickabrackers.

[Image: willy_nilly.gif]
I know I will just lol at a band if I can't read their logo.
I ask once again you add our stuff into the list, we worked hard on those the least you could do is copy paste them into the list
Obscene Wrote:babe why is there an israeli sleeping under the bed?

Grungie Wrote:Great, more brown people

Apparently i like platypuses.

nigga you be trippin'

you like platypussy
That list is getting too big, we need to rethink this process, or we'll need a recommendation list for the recommendation list.
Ooooor, we could have individual threads for each genre within each subforum.
That works.

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