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I'm a 'newb' and I need recs.
Author: Grungie, Views: 10626, Replies: 56

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wtf is N8core?
moskers did that.
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I'm disappointed he didn't come here, though he didn't visit the other one for awhile either, so I was just assuming he was busy.
There's a ton more great punk stuff that could be added!


Social Distortion- Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell/ social distortion(Punk Rock)
Sublime- Sublime/40 oz To Freedom (ska/punk)
Ramones- Subterranean Jungle (punk Rock)
Misfits- Walk Among Us/ America Psycho/ Project 1950 (Punk Rock/Horror Punk)
The Ziggens- Pomona Lisa/ Wake up and Smell (cowpunksurfabilly)
Green Day- Dookie/Nimrod( Pop Punk/Punk Rock)
Flogging Molly- Drunken Lullabies/Swagger (celtic Punk)
Choking victim- Choking victim (hardcore ska/punk)
The Gun Club-Miami/ Fire of Love(cowpunk)
X-Los Angeles (punk Rock)
Slapstick- Slapstick (Hardcore ska/punk)
Offspring- Smash/ Americana (Pop Punk)
Suicidal Tendencies- Suicidal Tendencies (Hardcore Punk)
Rancid- Lets go/...And Out come The Wolves(Punk Rock/Ska punk)
Propagandhi- how to clean everything(Ska Punk)
Leftover Crack- Fuck World Trade(Hardcore Ska Punk)

That's all I can think of atm, I tried to throw a variety of stuff in there as well

And If you add a reggae section I've got a ton that could go in there

Sugar Minott- Live Loving/ Herbman Hustling(Dancehall)
Joe Higgs- Life of Contradiction(Reggae)
Barrington Levy- English Man/ Robbin Hood(Dancehall)
Dennis Brown- No Man Is an Island/ Foul Play(Reggae)
Toots and the Maytals-Monkey Man/Funky Kingston/ In the Dark(Reggae/Ska)
Half Pint- Half Pint
Lee Scratch Perry- The Upsetter
I would say some Bob Marley but I've only got compilation albums of him. Legend is a good comp album.

I think that's enough for now :haha: I'll come back with more later Smile

EDIT: Forgot I had to make a colour... Can it just be black?
Eh, i'll give my 2 cents


Awake - Dream Theater (Prog metal)
Scenes from a memory - Dream Theater (Prog metal)
Liquid Tension Experiment Vol. 1 & Vol. 1 - Liquid Tension Experiment (Prog metal/rock)
Tall Poppy Syndrome - Leprous (Prog metal)
The Butcher's Ballroom - Diablo Swing Orchestra (Can't describe)

Experimental/Avant Garde

Anthology II: Links From The Dead Trinity - Akphaezya (eh, don't know how to call this exactly...)
Fables Of The Sleepless Empire - UneXpect (Avant Garde metal-ish)
Grand Opening and Closing - Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (Avant Garde)
La Masquerade Infernale - Arcturus (Experimental Atmospheric metal)
2 Unlimited - Pin-Up Went Down (Avant Garde)
Rococo Holocaust - Pryapisme (Avant Garde)


Tore Down House 1997 - Scott Henderson (Fusion)


Focus - Cynic (Death metal)
The Sound of Perseverance - Death (Death metal)
Symbolic - Death (Death metal)
Divine Conspiracy - Epica (Symphonic metal)

That's all i could think of now, and as for color, is purple aight?
Obscene Wrote:babe why is there an israeli sleeping under the bed?

Grungie Wrote:Great, more brown people

Apparently i like platypuses.

nigga you be trippin'

you like platypussy
Three Feet High and Rising - De La Soul (Hip-Hop)
Hello Nasty - Beastie Boys (Alternative Hip-Hop)
Mouse and The Mask - Danger Doom (Hip-Hop)
Demon Days - Gorillaz (Alternative Hip-Hop)
Psyence Fiction - UNKLE (Trip-Hop/Electronica)

Moon and Antarctica - Modest Mouse (Indie Rock/Alternative Rock)
Electro-Shock Blues - Eels (Alternative Rock)

Neon Bible - Arcade Fire (Indie Rock)
Two Dancers - Wild Beasts (Indie rock/Art Rock)
You Forgot It In People - Broken Social Scene (Indie Rock/Baroque Pop)
Yoshimi Battle The Pink Robots - The Flaming Lips (Indietronica/Psychedelic Pop)

Rain Dogs - Tom Waits (Rock/Blues)
Stop Making Sense - Talking Heads (New Wave)

Lost and Safe - The Books (Experimental/Collage/Folktronica)
JoelCarli Wrote:Well curiosity killed the Maps.

Damn, you guys all have like 100, this list is going to be ridiculously long.
I don't see nothing wrong with that.
Obscene Wrote:babe why is there an israeli sleeping under the bed?

Grungie Wrote:Great, more brown people

Apparently i like platypuses.

nigga you be trippin'

you like platypussy
If it keeps up we might need a "Where to start on the recommendations list" list, haha.
I agree with Danjo.

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