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Author: WCPhils, Views: 691688, Replies: 9305

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I keep the tunings the same on all of my guitars, it's just that 9's are waaaaay too slinky for a short scale guitar, so the second you bend a note, it's gets out of tune pretty much instantly. Also the strings are basically like rubber bands on them if you use too light of a gauge. a 24" scale neck makes a huge difference to the scale length of a normal Fender, or even a Gibson.
I’m happy to own an NES Classic and a second controller at retail price.

Though I don’t care that much for the NES lol.
Yo I've been crazy hooked on Just Shapes & Beats

I never got into those types of games
Shame that MTB 2.0 is down.
I'm also been posting on UG as well
One day we’ll get MTB back to shape.

RIP Adam
Looks like there was an issue with logging in. Hopefully it was fixed
I forgot my password but now found it
hi again
Yeah, I've been busy with work for the past few years, so I've been a bit inactive on the interwebz.

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