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Author: WCPhils, Views: 691690, Replies: 9305

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Then you wouldn't have gotten along with a user on UG known as the_blode
What a trainwreck that guy was. >_>

Also carl if you happen to see this, it's ok man I think we all know that feel so it's nothing to be embarrased about so long as you naturally disassociate your current self with that image. No one is going to think any more or less of you based on who you were, know m sayin?
I know the Blode started posting a lot around the time I stopped posting on UG
Happy day, bought my first tube amp with my tax return
Is it that Vox amp you posted? Looks neat.
I don't know anything about tube amps but my dad has a mini Vox amp and it plays pretty great.
I got an AC15 because I don't think I needed the AC30 for mostly home use, and the extra 600 lbs it weighs.
My avatar is too big now and I don't think I can compress it any lower. Sad
If you upload it somewhere else, it bypasses the file size.
Ah yea. Back in business.
I’m gonna try a thicker gauge string set on my Duo Sonic. 9’s on a short scale was not a good idea.
I usually just keep one tuning on each guitar and change the strings accordingly, so the lower the tuning the higher the gauge and vise versa.

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