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Guitar Decorations
Author: wwf, Views: 9549, Replies: 55

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For me, stickers only ever work on older more rugged "punkish" guitars. 

Otherwise they're just eyesores.
I only have a pick holder on my guitar Confusedhrug:
I actually went to see a local live band and this guy paints his own designs on the guitars. Let me tell you something, they looked absolutely sweet. Great art work by the guy.

As for my personal guitars, I don't have any decorations on any of them.
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My electric had stickers on it. Mostly like stars on it mostly. I think it had a heart on the back. My acoustic looked beautiful without anything on it so I kept it as it came. :3
My mate used tipex to paint doodles and words on his acoustic, I thought it looked pretty cool, but I'm not a fan of them on electric guitars. I prefer sticking them all over my case.

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