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You seem surprised on the studio time being pushed back again.
I'm not really, but they pushed it back like six months or something. I don't know, they say they barely plan on going into the studio this year.
They're probably just fucking with people. They're kind of famous for that because they're always pushing boundaries in music and stuff.
All they would have to do is officially push back studio time until march and then finish the album up by december and people would consider them early
i like tool well enough, 10,000 days just sounded like they were trying to be more concise and....loud...

also WWE[/align], is that you in your avatar?
wwf Wrote:i just took a shit and it was the most awkward thing ever.
yeah, it is
I just found 10,000 days to just be really boring. I really enjoy Aenima and Lateralus more.
10,000 days was half of a really cool album. vicarious, jambi, 10,000 days, the pot, all really good songs. even some of the filler was alright.

lateralus is better in every way though. and aenima is better in most ways.
I really need to buy Lateralus and Aenima. But I keep delaying...
Jambi was kind of boring for me. That and Schism feel really repetitive for me.

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