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Author: WCPhils, Views: 3429, Replies: 20

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Massive bump because it's never too late to talk pedals.

A Muff would be way more appropriate for what he wants compared to a rat.

But yeah, new amp would be a great first step.
MY PEDALS right now (It's constantly rotating).

I also have a little custom made clean boost that I haven't fit onto this board yet.

[Image: IMAG0077_zpsfadb64b7.jpg]
Is that the Russian muff?
Yep, from one of the last few years in production before they shut down the Sovtek pedal operation.

Oh, the pink one on the bottom is a Small Sound/Big Sound Fuck Overdrive and the upper right ("rainbows) is a DIY kit Dwarfcraft Robot Devil I traded with someone on a different forum.
Cool, I always expected them to be pricey on eBay, but they're priced fairly well
Oh yeah, those late Sovteks are cheap as shit.

If you're interested in pedals check out

It's a home for a lot of boutique pedal builders. Was originally the home for Effector 13, now Devi Ever.

It's my home forum now (or since like 2011). The general is great. Tightest forum community I've ever been a part of (and I've been on forums since 2002). And the gear forum is full of some of the most knowledgeable guitar gear dudes ever. YES I'M STRAIGHT UP ADVERTISING ANOTHER FORUM HERE. Visit this forum if you're interested in pedals. Thom Dalton Fuzzhugger(FX) is great, SmallSound/BigSound is great anyone else on there is great.

Go there, do it.

The B/S/T forum is your world/bank account now.

EDIT: Flash of some of Dwarfcraft's Demoes. Aen is hilarious. And his pedals are great.
#17 the next few months, I'm probably going to buy one of these babies: Wampler Ego. Big Grin
Nice, Wampler makes great stuff
Yeah, that's what I hear. I thought about getting a Boss CS-3 (which does almost the same thing), but I've always had Boss pedals crap out on me.
Actually...I've done more research and decided that this will do more what I want.

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