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Anime/Manga Thread
Author: Grungie, Views: 563260, Replies: 5046

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The thing with DBZ is that it's kind of a trope codifier for its genre and all these new shows that were inspired by it now make it look very cliche. So if you weren't their when it was new, you won't "get" the big deal around it.

It's like watching Love Hina after seeing a bunch of harem dramas.

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Maybe it's from watching Naruto that I don't care for DBZ as much. I mean, if I can compare different aspects from the shows, from plot to character development to music themes to art design to fight scenes, then I would pick Naruto across the board and not think twice, and they're in the same genre. Even before then I thought DBZ had a weak plot and characters.
Yeah, after awhile it was really just:

"oh no, this new bad guy wants to destroy the world, why? Because he's evil!"

"oh no, I just got my ass kicked, now to train"

"hurray, I'm super strong and I can kick his ass"

"oh shit, he transformed! Now I'm getting my ass kicked again!"

<new power level obtained>

bad guy defeated

rinse, repeat.
Yeah, it's awful. The whole show thrives off of the continual increase of strength to be increasingly powerful villains that come out of fucking no where.

"Raditz is too strong, okay we beat Raditz, now Nappa and Vegeta are too strong, okay we beat them, Frieza is too strong, now he's gone, the Androids are too strong, they're done, Cell is too strong, Buu is too strong, etc."
I mostly just watch slice of life comedies. They're not supposed to have any content outside of just humor.
I tried watching Ninja Nonsense once but it was too absurd (yes I know that's the point)

Panty and Stocking is funny
My friend keeps bugging me about Panty and Stocking. My favorite slice of life is probably Minami-Ke. It's pretty funny imo.

I'm in the last season of Soul Eater right now
I remember seeing that advertised a lot on this manga app I had on my old Android phone. I never bothered to look it up.

I suggest Bakuman since it's a pretty good story, and done by the guys who did Death Note. It gives you a pretty good insight on how the manga world kind of works. It also has fantastic artwork which is expected from Takashi Obata.

[Image: bakuman-349396.jpg]

[Image: Bakuman.jpg]
That entices my interests, I'll check it out sometime

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