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Bouzki /Mandocello
Author: Fullmoon, Views: 880, Replies: 4

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(04-15-2016, 11:37 PM)Skyward Wrote: Ooh, that's what a musician named Damh the Bard uses. They're interesting,  used in a lot of Greek and Irish music if I recall correctly. I'd like to get one someday.

They have a bulbous back like an oud right?

DAMH THE BARD!!!!!!! Yes!!!
Some of the back are like that, I think that is more in the greek ones.  Mine is flat.  I will post some pics of it later.  It is currently at my mothers house.  

I have been learning with the guy I bought it off for about 2 months now.  He is really happy with my progression. I LOVE this instrument, almost as much as the Banjo (except I can play this haha)

And yea, 8 strings in total but together in 2 so look like 4 strings from a distance.

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