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Wassail!! - Fullmoon - 05-08-2017

Hi guys, remember me?

I haven't had access to a laptop for a few years, only an ipad which I hate using for forums.  Recently got myself a new laptop so have been able to get back online :Smile 
Good to see this place is still going.

For those that don't know me.  I am Jaz.  aka Fullmoon, Fenrir, Revolution, Stormrider, Skathi, Aura..... gods I have had so many usernames over the years at various places xD

I am 29, Love anything Rock, Punk, Metal and Folk. 

Unfortunatly I suffer from a few illnesses now which leave me exhausted, so whilst I have a laptop now I still can't get on as much as I would like to, But hopefully you will see more of me here.

Anyway enough of my rambling.


RE: Wassail!! - Grungie - 05-08-2017

Oh hey, welcome back, haven't seen you in ages. It's nice to see someone coming back.

RE: Wassail!! - JCizzle - 05-09-2017

Hey, long time no see!

RE: Wassail!! - Fullmoon - 05-09-2017

Good to be back.

RE: Wassail!! - debbie - 05-25-2017

Welcome back!

RE: Wassail!! - Fullmoon - 09-05-2018

And back again. Big Grin back on the ole forums again, as helping out with a metal site. :p