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Synths - EnforcedNo - 07-09-2013

anyone here know anything about them?
i'm thinking of getting the korg volca series as a beginner setup...but idk how to set it up with a computer or anything...

RE: Synths - crazysam23 - 07-09-2013

I personally prefer a synth that has a keyboard; makes me feel like I'm still playing a physical instrument.

Anyway, I assume that you'd need some sort of audio interface, if you don't already have one, in order to run it into your computer.

RE: Synths - EnforcedNo - 07-09-2013

i have ableton and FL studio, what cables would i need?
i'd get an ms-20 mini but i'm not made of money

RE: Synths - crazysam23 - 07-09-2013

No, no, not cables. I mean an actual audio interface, such as the Scarlett2i6 (which is like $150 on eBay). However, before you go and buy that, I'd look up whether you can hook that synth setup directly to your computer or not.

RE: Synths - EnforcedNo - 07-10-2013

it has a sync in/out and a MIDI port.
so how would i hook it up?

RE: Synths - crazysam23 - 07-10-2013

Does your computer have a MIDI port? If so, go to Radioshack (or whatever your local electronics chain is) and buy a MIDI cable.

RE: Synths - EnforcedNo - 07-10-2013

but it's not a MIDI controller, it's an analog synth

RE: Synths - crazysam23 - 07-11-2013

Hmm...well, you could always buy a cheap MIDI controller (with an included USB cable) and plug that into your PC.

RE: Synths - EnforcedNo - 07-11-2013

but i don't want a MIDI controler, just a synth, do i need something else to record with?

RE: Synths - crazysam23 - 07-11-2013

You probably need a MIDI controller to actually make this equipment work. Other than that, you'd need a DAW on your PC, which you have.