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Music Forum Rules
Here's some rules specific to the music subforum:

1. Don't flame people based on music taste.
This is straight forward enough

2. No VS threads
Do not make any threads like "Which band is better? X or Y?"
These will be closed immediately

3. Don't make multiple threads of the same band
If any mods see multiple threads of the same band, they'll just be closed or merged.

4. If you come in a thread and harass about the band or artist discussed in the thread, and cannot come up with good criticism, we will delete your posts and give you a warning. This will be considered as trolling.

5. No genre debates
Do not go in threads "whining" why X band is/isn't X genre. These arguments usually go nowhere, and will be considered spam. The offender will be given a warning, and repeat offenses will result in a ban. The posts will be deleted.

If I see any more problems here, I'll add more.

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